Eating & Drinking

Eating & Drinking Around Fethiye Turkey

Fethiye Restaurants

Fethiye has a large diversity of restaurants and tavernas which offering a host of menus as different as customary Turkish restaurants, Mediterranean and much more.

Because of the lively harbour area, nevertheless and the vibrant fish market which catches from sea are certainly the most popular with amazing choices far too numerous to mention. The fish market supply the great meal in which to get your personality  selected fish cooked for you at one of the small restaurants located around the market while you soak up the atmosphere. This is one of the thing you should do during your stay.

After shopping all day in the market, you will like to go one of the local tea gardens or cafes which located  along the seaside if you like to rest and take breath. Also you can escape from the heat of the day while you are drinking Turkish favorite drinks underneath the cool  shadow of the trees.

Kaya Restaurants

There are many simple rural-style restaurants where you can find taste of customarily Turkish kitchen. They are amazing place to relax and unwind in those balmy summer evenings with traditional Ottoman-style seating. You can barbecue with meat which you can select  in Kayaköy.

We would also strongly suggest  you to eat Tandir which is made from lamb.The restaurants also serve a selections of mezes.  One another thing is that we strongly advice you to eat delicious freshly cooked gözleme which is Turkish savory pancakes.

Hisarönü Restaurant

Actually, Hisarönü is a village that appeals for mass tourism. There is many kind of food such as Chiniese, Indian, Italian and Mexican moreover, of course there are hamburgers and pizzas. If you like to hang out in discos and bars until early hours, this is the place you should visit.

Ölü Deniz

There are many restaurants which leaning toward seaside. You can find diversity food from Mediterranean to Turkish to fast food such as kebabs. Although it became very famous and crowded over  the last 5 years or so, it still has relaxed atmosphere about it. It is also one of the famous place with rooftop bars which you can watch the most amazing sunsets out over the lagoon while you are drinking your cocktail.

Restaurants in the Nearby Villages

There are many little villages which dispersed in mountains and around Fethiye have grille farms with magnificent fresh grills available an alternative cuisine experience.

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