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Fethiye (Telmessos) is located on the Lycian and Carian border and was named as Telmessos in ancient times. Telmessos was the name of the Greek God Apollon’s son and become center of prophecy pledged to him. City became wealthy in ancient times because of silk route and its harbor. Existing monuments from those periods spread all over the city and some of them are rock tombs, Tomb of Amyntas, sarcophagi, the fortress, Roman theater and more.
Blue Cruise Program Fethiye-Kekova-Kas 7 daysFethiye bay has some of the best beaches in Turkey and bays for yachting holidays in Turkey. These popular beaches are Oludeniz (Blue Lagoon Beach) 8.5 km (5.3 miles) south of Fethiye,, Calıs Beach 5 km (3 miles) northeast of Fethiye, Gemiler Bay, 12 islands, Faralya, Butterfly Valley and more to explore during your stay in Fethiye Turkey.
Besides these beaches Fethiye has lots of activities for visitors to do during their holiday to Fethiye. Holiday makers can do 12 Island boat tours, Quad bike safaris, Jeep Safaris, Paragliding (the most popular spot in Turkey), Scuba Diving, Trekking on the Lycian Way, and more options to do.
Fethiye is a favorite resort for British travelers and may hear English spoken in the streets, shops and markets.





Fethiye is also the starting point of the Lycian Way which is the best and the longest one in Turkey, a 500-km (311-mile) footpath through the rugged mountains of the Tekke Peninsula to Antalya. This trekking route had been chosen the best trekking route in Turkey in 2004.

Some of the popular resorts in Fethiye are;

Calış Beach Area, Kayakoy, Oludeniz Beach, Ovacık, Hisaronu, Faralya, Kabak, Gemiler and old Town.


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