Fethiye Weather

Fethiye Weather and Climate Conditions

Although Fethiye in the Aegean region, it has a typical Mediterranean climate.

fethiye weather conditionsIt has quite hot weather in all summer time and sunny weather dominated so almost never rains. Especially, hot weather can affect you when combined with humidity. Humidity is quite dense in the Fethiye region.

The weather is quite nice because Fethiye is dominated by marine tourism.Not only summer time, the weather is also quite warm in may,september and almost all october.Of course, the weather is a little cold in winter season but this cold weather is only 2 months effective in winter.

The reason of cold weather in Fethiye is, beacuse it surrounded by snowy mountains. But in general it has a mild climate. It does not snow.during week, it rains maximum between 2-3 days over and over, but even if it is winter, there is enough sunny weather. If you are looking for a winter escape in a villa or hotel Fethiye or Oludeniz is the right places.


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