General Information

The Mountain Village Of Gombe

The hour and a half ride up from Kas is mostly shaded by extensive pine forests, which yield to vast apple orchards when approaching Gombe. When excessively hot weather rolls over Kas at sea level, there is no closer and more refreshing escape than the cool heights of the Akdağ range which soars to over 3000m. in the space of 20km. The standard jump-off point for excursions into the mountains. This provides access to Green Lake, Lycia's only permanent alpine lake, and serves as a first stop for anyone intending to climb the peak of Akdağ.

• Travel through cedar forests.

• Climb to high plateaus.

• Experience the local wildlife and beautiful natural surroundings.
• Enjoy breakfast in a village and meet with nomads in the yayla.
• Cool off at the clear waters of the Green Lake.
• See a spectacular view of the waterfall.
• Hiking to high altitude for stunning views.
• Have lunch at a mill restaurant.
• Visit the villages of Gombe and Sutleğen.
• Travel back to Kas via alternative route from the mountains.        


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