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Kas former Habessos or Antiphellos is another Bohemian town in Lycian Coastline. Lycians called this town as Antiphellos and Byzantines called as Habessos was the main habour of the region.
Kas is situated in a sweeping curved bay and the today's modern Kas is built on the top of the ancient settlement.  The name Kas means eyebrow in Turkish which gets the name form its curved bay. Of course every eyebrow has an eye and its just opposite of the modern settlement and called Meis or Castellorizo, a Greek Island.
Lycian settlement of Antiphellos's ruins are still scattered around the town. While visitors wandering around the winding streets they can stumble upon the ancient sarcophagus, theater, house style tombs and ruins of ancient temples.
Just out of the town 500 meters away from the mosque in the main square, sits a small but very well preserved Hellenistic theater. This is the perfect location to watch the stars or sunset in Kas Turkey.
Kas is halfaway between Dalaman175 km and Antalya Airports 185 km. There are various ways to get to Kas from these busy airports. Airport Transfers, car hire or local dolmus is a different ways to get to Kas. This town has variety of accommodation places like pensions , hotels, boutique hotels, self catering villas or apartments.
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