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After you have booked your Holiday Rentals or Hotels in Kalkan, Kas and want to enjoy every day of your holiday here you can find the ideal family tour packages, activity packages, lazy packages and so.
During your holiday in Kalkan, Kas we as Unlimited Holidays are ready to help you have a n unforgettable holiday during your stay.
As we heard from most of guests for last couple of years they said they have booked their holiday villas or hotels in Kalkan, Kas online but after that they don't know what to do or they all got lost on different websites like TripAdvisor, enjoykalkan or KLTN. If you booked your accommodation with us or not  doesn't matter we are ready to serve you for your holiday packages in Kalkan and Kas.
Here are the most popular tour packages in our destination. Please if you didn't find what you want just email us and we ll reply you latest in 24 hours with a quote to your needs.
You can choose your days of the trips  during your stays in Kalkan& Kas


Family Activity package in

Kalkan & Kas


Normal Price ; 65£ Package price; 55£     

Day-1;  Saklıkent Canyon, Tlos, Trout Farm ;   Starts 09:00 Returns 17:00 (lunch,entrance fees, guiding, transportation included) more information !!!
Day-2;  Kekova (Sunken City) Boat Trip ;  Starts; 09:00 Returns ; 18:00( lunch, guiding,transportation included) more information !!! 
Day-3; Fethiye Market; Starts; 09:00 Returns;18:00 (guiding, transportation included) more information !!!          




Jeep Safari trip from Antalya, Turkey, Unlimited Holiday.comActivity Week Package Program in 

Kalkan & Kas

Normal Price ; 109 £   Package price; 94£    


Day-1; Jeep Safari To Saklıkent Canyon, Xanthos, Patara; Starts 09:00 Returns (18:00) (lunch,entrance fees, guiding, transportation included) more information !!!
Day-2; Canoe Adventure on Xanthos River ;Starts 09:30 Returns 17:00 (lunch, guiding transportation)  more information !!!
Day-3; Sea Kayaking ove Sunken City ;Starts 08:00 Returns 18:00 (lunch, guiding transportation) more information !!!
Day-4; Trekking up to Gombe, Green Lake ; Starts 09:30 Returns 17:00 (lunch, guiding, transportation included)   more information !!!   

Jeep Safari Saklıkent, Xanthos, Patara




Full Adventure Week  4 Days

Normal Price ; 150 £ Package price ; 130£  
Day-1; Canyoning  in Kıbrıs Canyon; Pure Adrenaline; Starts 09:00 Returns 18:00 (Lunch,Guiding, wet suits, transportation)more information !!!
Day-2; Mountain Bike Adventure; Starts 09:30 Returns  18:30 (Lunch, Guiding, transportation included) more information !!! 
Day-3; River Rafting in Saklıkent Canyon; Starts 09:30 Returns 16:00 (Lunch, Guiding, entrance fee, transportation included) more information !!!  
Day-4; Quad Bike or Scuba Diving; Starts 09:30 Returns 17:00 (Quad bike is 4 hours total) more information !!! 





Sea and Sand Package 3 DaysTurkish gulet cruise Antalya, Turkey, Unlimited

Normal Price ; 70 £ Package price ; 60£  
Day-1;  Kekova (Sunken City) Boat Trip ;  Starts; 09:00 Returns ; 18:00( lunch, guiding,transportation included) more information !!! 
Day-2;  Saklıkent Canyon, Xanthos, Patara; Starts 09:00 Returns 18:00 (lunch,entrance fees, guiding, transportation included) more information !!! 
Day-3; Kalkan Boat Trip; Starts 10:00 Returns 17:00 (Lunch included) more information !!!   

Kalkan Boat Trip Unlimited Holidays






Cultural and History Package 3 days

Normal Price ; 59£ Package price ; 50£  
Day-1; Village Trip to Bezirgan & Islamlar & Sarıbelen; Starts; 16:30 Returns; 21:00 (dinner, guiding, transportation) more information !!! 
Day-2; Carpet- Kilim Weaving Trip; Starts; 10:00 Returns; 13:00 (guiding, lunch, transportation) more information !!! 
Day-3; Sdyma Pınara Village Trip; Starts; 09:30 Returns: 17:00 (Lunch, guiding, transsportation, entrance fees included) more information !!! 


Kalkan Kiralık Villa Kiralık Villa