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According to legend, Saklıkent Canyon was discovered by a shepperd. His goat escaped to the canyon and he discovered it when trying to find his goats.

This canyon is accured by Karaçay River, which is a part of Esen River. The length of the canyon is 18km, while the height is approximately 200 meters. The National Park has been presented around Canyon for visitors.

A private Saklıkent tour is one of the best options for you and your family to have fun. The difference between private and regular tours is that the former allows guests to spend as much time as they'd like in places. So instead of joining a crowded, normal tour programme, friend groups and families can have a private tour while discovering history and enjoying the whole day together. 

Xanthos, one of the most important ancient cities and capital of Lycia, is our first stop. You can discover the history of Lycia with information given by our professional guide, as well as taking loads of pictures to remember the trip by.

After Xanthos, our second stop is Saklıkent Canyon. If desired, guests can visit Carpet cooperative on the way, where hand-woven carpets are on exhibiton. Guests can learn how to obtain silk from silkworms, as well as seeing some example of silk, wool, and wool-cotton carpets.

When arriving in Saklıkent, guests have a short break for lunch on special seats along the river. Then, guests can start discovering the canyon. Entry to Saklıkent canyon is provided with a 200 meter wooden bridge, which is made with iron rods attached to the steep slopes of the canyon. There is a national park after the bridge which has quite cold, karstic strong source water. If you would like to, you can pass freezing water through the canyon when there's hot weather. You can walk toward the inner part. Maximum walking distance is 6 km in the canyon, to walk further in the canyon, a professional guide and equipment is essential.

And again, you and your family can enjoy the fun river rafting just outside of the canyon, and opptionally mudbathe at the end of the rafting.

After a long and tiring day, our last visit will be Patara beach, which is the longest sandy beach in Turkey, stretching across 12 km. Big turtles (carretta carretta) lay their eggs on the beach, so after 8.00 pm no one is allowed to go to the beach. Guests can relax and enjoy the sand and sea on Patara beach. Patara is also one of the important cities of Lycia; there are ruins from the Roman, Lycian and Byzantine periods.

Entrance fees, lunch, guide fees and vehicle transfer fees will be provided by our company.

What do you need for THE Saklıkent Canyon tour? Extra clothes (after trekking in the canyon, you can have a shower in Saklıkent and get changed), rubber shoes for trekking in the canyon (trekking in the canyon with slippers and sandals can be hard; because of the strong water flowing, you might lose your slippers or hurt your ankle).
Price for Private program is:

2-3 people 35 GBP per person Taxi min 2 guests
4-7 people 30 GBP per person Volkwagen Caravella  
8-13 people 27 GBP per person Mercedes Sprinter  

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1. Xanthos-Saklıkent-Patara    2. Saklıkent-Tlos-Yakapark    3. Jeep Safari


Kalkan to Xanthos 20 km
Xanthos to Saklıkent 45 km
Saklıkent to Patara 65 km


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