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Explore the crystal clear waters and the Mediterranean's rich marine life--scuba diving in Kalkan is an activıty the whole family will enjoy!
At 09:30 a.m. we will meet at the harbour. After guests sign in at the boat, we will prepare guests' equiment and provide free time untill the first diving site is reached. Diving locations are decided by the captain and crew according to the conditions of the weather, sea, and the divers' skill level. First dives are in open water for experience diver. Then for approximately 45 minutes, experienced divers spend time in the water while nondivers and begginers are free for snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing.After the first dive, the boat heads to shallow water for begginers to swim ın. Lunch is also prepared at this tıme. Beginners have 25 minutes for one dive, then a  break for lunch and resting time for everybody on the board. As guests enjoy the view of the turquise bays around Kalkan, beginners have their second dive for 25 minutes. The boat will then sail to open water. Here, experienced divers divers can experience their second dive for 45 minutes. The boat then starts the return to the Kalkan harbour. 
Note: We have a large, comfortable boat built for diving. On board, lunch is included. All of the equiment is also provided by us. Non divers are always welcome on board since we have enough space, as well as enough equiment fo snorkeling. Divers will have the chance to enjoy two dives per day; they go with a group at the same skill level in order for guests to make the most of their dives. All Non-Turkish citizen passengers on board need their passport number, while all experienced divers need their certificates with them.
*For those who do not want to be on the dive boat all day long, we can arrange a shore dive or a speed boat dive.£25 p.p. for one dive for begginers, and £35 p.p. for 2 dives for experienced divers.

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