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Shopping in KAS Turkey


Kas is a busy market town and although tourism prevalent, which means it does remain a lively and charming  town where you can get a real sense of Turkish Life. The streets are full of shops spilling out their products onto the pavements.
Visitors can buy tourist stuff in Kaş but there are lots of great carpet shops and many fine jewelry shops. Some of the jewelry and fine ceramics are made by Turkish artists in their own shops in Kas. Town has endless varieties of shopping possibilities and often of higher quality than most tourist resorts, but most importantly, strict regulations to hassle lets guests to wonder around freely. shopping in Kas Turkey
Uzun Çarşı means "long market", also known as "slippery street" amongst the travellers to the town) is the most famous shopping area in Kaş and probably the one of the most famous on the "Turkish Riviera."
There are a few places to eat and drink just off of Uzun Çarşı and at the bottom is the town square (meydan) and at the top, just beyond the Lycian Tomb are a fantastic group of restaurants.
Every Friday (next to the  bus station) and Tuesday (on hillside of the center), year round, there is a local open air market which has almost anything you can think of from fresh fruits and vegetables, to clothes, village hardware tools, DVD's and CD's, gozleme (erroneously called a Turkish "pancake") vendors and textiles. Plan to spend at least half a day there whether you are just a curious onlooker or serious shopper.
Also if you want to shop local killims and carpets or want to watch the local ladies weaving them there is a  weavers cooperative which is 45 minutes away from Kaş.  This is another way to see local craftsman on work.
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