Why Visit KAS?


Kas Kekova and Greek Island Visit

There is no reason if you are asking to yourself why should i go to Kaş. It depends what would you expect from a holiday. Kaş gives you some advices.
1.Naturalness: If you are looking for somewhere which is untouched and clean sea and beach, Kaş can be an option. Beaches in centre of Kaş( küçük çakıl, büyük çakıl, akçagerme) or beaches around Kaş ( kaputaş, sidekkumu) are really famous and nice.The sea is always turquoise cyristal clear and clean.
2. A lot of activities to do: You will have a lot of options to do if you visit Kaş, boat trips, paragliding, scuba diving or another options..
3. Safe and calm:  For people who wants safe calm and lovely place Kaş is best place to visit. You can stay in a hotel or in your private villa and you can enjoy your time really good and relax. At night time its really safe to go out and have a good time.
tandem paragliding kas kalkan fethiye
tandem paragliding kas 


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